01 Barack Obama, the Deceiver

The Law of unintended consequences

The concept of unintended consequences is not truly a law, but it seems to happen many times.   A person may have good intentions which actually work out the opposite of what he planned.  For instance, affirmative action allowed many African-Americans into high level schools in the hope that this would truly improve their situation.   However, the statistics show that many of these affirmative action students were actually disadvantaged by attending these rigorous schools.  These students probably would have been better off if they just attend a regular college or University.   I do not have the statistics immediately at hand but this is what Dr. Walter Williams a great scholar has to say.

Wikipedia has a good article of this matter.


Thus far I have not posted much information about Barack Obama.  But since before 2008 I have been collecting articles and information about him.  His goals and purposes may be good but I do not believe his ideology is good.  He is without a doubt a socialist.   However, we know for all attempts to implement socialism has failed.   When I was working for the State of Illinois, I was interviewing two Polish persons who were doctors.   They politely asked me the question, ” What is the difference between socialism and communism?”   I quickly answered “There is no difference, but just a difference in name only.”  They quickly agreed with my response.   They as Polish people had lived under “socialism – Communism”.

Barack Obama is both a Marxist in economics and a Muslim in religion.  In 2008 the Illinois Family Institute  put out a pamphlet on the voting records of the candidates.   Barack Obama did not have one thing that indicated Christian Values.  I recently tried to get a copy of this pamphlet but IFI said they did not have any.

Why do I say Obama is a Muslim in religion.  Well the first thing is the fact that he had a Muslim father.  In the Muslim religion you are automatically the religion of your father.  Also he has not become a true Christian.   How do I know?  Well the Muslim religion has a doctrine called the “Law of Apostacy”.  If you are a Muslim and convert to any other religion, especially Christianity,  all Muslims are required to kill you.   So far, even though Obama has claimed that he is a Christian, no Muslim has attempted to kill him.   In fact, he is very well received by the Muslim nations.  Also, the church he attended Trinity United Church of Christ is an apostate Christian church which teaches “Black Liberation Theology”.  Black Liberation theology is basically a mixture of Christian terminology and Marxist ideology.  It teaches that salvation is not a personal matter but instead a social matter.   Salvation is to free people from the oppressive social structures.   Liberation  theology originated in South America.  

“The term was coined in 1971 by the Peruvian priest Gustavo Gutiérrez, who wrote one of the movement’s most famous books, A Theology of Liberation.” 

When Pope Paul II was in South America he condemned this Liberation theology.  I have a video from youtube in which Obama defines salvation as freeing people from the oppressive structures of society.  When I took a course in Urban Studies, I studied under an African-American pastor, Clarence Hilliard from Corinthian Baptist.   One of the first African-American men to write a book on Black Liberation Theology was Dr. James Cone.


Rev. Thomas L. Clark



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