03 Total Depravity

Total Depravity under construction. One thing you must know about Total Depravity is that it is not total corruption.   A sinner is not as bad as he could be.  Total depravity simply means that a sinner is tainted and contaminated in all aspects of his being by sin: in his mind, in his will, in his emotions, and in his physical being.  Every human being, with the exception of Jesus Christ, is born with original sin and will as time goes on practice sin to some degree.  He is a fallen being, separated from the life of God.  He is totally unacceptable to God as he is. There are two viewpoints as to how this depravity was passed from Adam to all the members of the human race.   The one is called Representative Headship and the other is Seminal participation.  Both of these viewpoints may be correct.    I will finish this article at a later time.  What we do know is that all men are sinners at birth.  Romans 3:23 & Romans 5:12 clearly teach that all men are sinners.


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