01 Christian Philosophy & Theology

01 Christian Philosophy & Theology

This additional category of articles I felt necessary of creating because it contributes some major concepts to Christian thought and understanding.   Gordon H. Clark who was a Christian philosopher and theologian “par excellence” believed and taught that God was a supremely rational and logical God.

Since we are finite beings we cannot understand all the things about the nature of God, but God has deigned to reveal those things that will  be of benefit to mankind.  A friend of mine is writing on the subject of what constitutes the Imago Dei (image of God) in man.   He has thus far written that he has found no clear unequivocal statement or verse in the Holy Scriptures which clearly explain the nature of the image of God in mankind.  Of all my thoughts regarding Holy Scripture I believe that mankind’s rational being is one of the key concepts in the IMAGO DEI.   The second of these aspects of the Imago dei I believe to be mankind’s ability to act freely.   However, I always states that mankind has a limited free will.   Since mankind is finite he cannot have total free will.  Mankind’s will is limited by many finite factors.   He didn’t decide where he would be born.   He didn’t choose his mother and father.  Many of his potential freedoms were limited by simply being finite.

The freedom God granted to mankind is now affected by the fall of Adam and Eve.   Mankind is now a tainted being.  Even his native being is distorted and twisted by the original sin of Adam and Eve.  Original sin is always a factor that must be considered in any analysis of mankind.   A proper assessment that does not take into account the concept of the fallenness of mankind will not be able to properly help mankind.   Only Christian philosophers and theologians take into account the fallenness of mankind when they do their assessment of mankind.  Evolutionary science is foreordained to come to incorrect conclusions in their assessment of mankind because they do not have a proper understanding of the nature of mankind.

It is the calling of Christian Philosophers and theologians to include the concept of the fallenness of mankind is all their evaluations of mankind.

Because of the need and importance of Christian philosophy & theology I plan to include some concepts and articles by Christian Philosophers & theologians under this category on our website.

My favorite Christian Philosopher is Gordon H. Clark.   Even though he held certain aspects of theology that I disagree with, I have still greatly benefited from his thinking  and writing about God and the nature of other things.  He believed in the supreme rationality of God..   He wrote a book on Logic in which he claims that all logic and rationality is an aspect of God’s nature.

I will be posting some articles from many different Christian Philosophers, theologians and Apologists.  These articles will be simple and easy to understand.  I believe that Abraham Kyper was one of the greatest philosophers, theologians, educators, and statesmen in the history of Christianity.  He was one of the Apologists that was included in Bernard Ramm’s book on Apologistics.   He defended the Idea that God can and has rationally communicated with mankind.

Rev. Thomas L. Clark – Phil. 3:14






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