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People Groups

“Collective concentrated genetic pools”

All genetic possibilities resided in Adam’s genetic material at the point of his creation.   When Eve was made by being divinely extracted from Adam’s genetic material, she contained no unique genetic material, only the material that came from Adam.    Therefore, all genetic possibilities resided in Adam at the moment of his creation from the hand of God.   All normal variations since that time have been the result of the interaction of genetic material from different men and women.  I believe if everyone truly understood genetics and DNA and thought through the logical implications of it, it would be extremely difficult for him/her to be a racist.  Personally, I do not believe that “races” exist.   Instead of “race” I use “people groups”.  The inferiority of some people groups can be accounted for by lack of knowledge of God and His ways.  People that grow up in an deprived social environment that is not sufficiently stimulating fail to develop brain cells and neural synapses.   The Chicago Tribune had a great article on this matter many years ago.   If brain cells and synapses are not used they drop off never again to be replaced.  This is the reason that a young person can learn as many as five languages without studying them.  After a certain age learning a language is extremely difficult.

To start this article right, the answer to the common question of the unbeliever, “Where did Cain find his wife?” is – He married his sister.   Is that so horrible?    Abraham the father of faith married his sister (actually half-sister) Genesis 20:2,5,12,13    Jacob married not one but two cousins who were sisters.

How did the human race become so varied and different?    My answer after years of consideration and study of both the Holy Scriptures and science is the formation of “collective concentrated genetic pools”.

These “collective concentrated genetic pools” are the result of creation, geography, the Genesis Flood and the Tower of Babel.

In the early years of the development of the human race all persons spoke the same language according to the Holy Scriptures.    This made it possible for more people to be practical potential marriage material.   After the Tower of Babel language became one of the major limiting factor in who a person could and would marry.   As you will note by ‘prima face” evidence all nations are based on language.    Germany speaks German.   Italia speaks Italian.    France speaks french.   Spain speak Spanish.  To my knowledge there is no unique exception to this fact.

The other primary factor is geography.    Almost all people for centuries and millenniums married the girl next door who was from the same geographical, ethnic,  people group, and linguistic background.   Obvious, there were some exceptions.   But they were indeed exceptions.   There were serious disadvantages to the persons who decided to go beyond these pre-determined boundaries and barriers.    According to Acts 17:26-27 these boundaries and barriers were pre-determined by God for the salvation of men.

“And (God) hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

“That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us:”

These verses contain the two factors which are mentioned above:    Namely, genetic material and geography.

Note all men are of “one blood” (genetic material) and God has predetermined the boundaries where they will live (geography).

Also a clear purpose is given by God, “That they (all men) should seek the Lord….”

The collective nature of this process is that people gathered together (collected) closely in restricted geographical areas and based on language groups.   The earlier years most men were limited by physical geography such as rivers, mountains, lake and oceans.   Until the beginning of the 1900s most transportation was slow at best.   Primary transportation was by horse, mule, boat or another animal.    Water and wind was used for boats and ships.

Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

According to the Holy Scriptures, prior to the Genesis Flood and up to the Tower of Babel all men spoke the same language (Genesis 11:1) and there was a unity of the human race based on language.

“And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.”

Because of this total communication there had become total corruption of the human race prior to the Genesis Flood.   God’s recourse was to destroy the world of animals and mankind with a universal flood.

Since God did not want this ever to happen again, he decided to separate the human race into separate groups.   God’s primary tool was the dis-unification of mankind by dis-unifying (confusing) their one unifying language.    The purpose was to scatter mankind upon the face of the earth so that they would be somewhat insecure and recognized the need of dependency upon God.  This had actually been the original intention of God from the beginning.

According to the Holy Scriptures nationalism is the will of God for our current age. 

God’s design for this age is that separate sovereign nations based on language will govern themselves.   God wants a separation of powers during this age to prevent what happened before the Genesis Flood, total moral and spiritual corruption. 

Men’s attempts to reunify the world and produce a one world government and global village is an act of rebellion against God’s established design.     A one world government sounds good in principle.   However, this is because  unconverted men and even unenlightened believers do not fully recognize the sinful and fallen nature of the human condition.

The “concentrated” genetic pool is the result of close intermarriage of people who live for long periods of time is the same geographical area.   This continued intermarriage concentrated and multiplied the genetic factors that produced distinct genetically determined physiological and psychological features.    To the person that thoroughly understands genetics and the Holy Scriptures, it very easy to see the how and why of the great variety in humankind.

How is this related to being an effective Christian?    To be an effective Christian a person needs to have a well formulated understanding of the nature of man.

The factors that are commonly left out or totally neglected by the unbelieving world are:

1) the creation of man, 2) the fall of man, 3) the Genesis Flood, and (4 the Tower of Babel.

In fact, it is even more unfortunate that believers and students of Holy Scripture fail to take into account these significant factors.

Every study and application of science is affected by one’s view of  human nature.   What is “science”?   The word “science” is simply the Latin word for “knowledge”.     There is no magic in calling something “science” or “scientific” if it is not a factual understanding and knowledge of reality.     A science is the “knowledge of” a certain realm and area of God’s world of reality.    The word which is commonly attached to the various disciplines of science is “logy” as in psychology, physiology, anthropology, sociology, and theology.   This suffix is from the Greek word, “logos”, and means the “study of”.     Thus, psychology is the study of the mind (“psyche” or soul).   Physiology refers to the study of the physical body.      Anthropology is the study of mankind (anthropos = man + logy).   Theology is the study of God (Theos = God + logy).    Again, there is no magic about calling something science.    There are many ignorant people that cast the word “science” around as though it held some type of magic power.

In the study of man there has been an ongoing debate regarding the role of nature vs. nurture.     However, the major problem is that both unbeliever and believer fail to recognize the fact, that they use a secular, naturalistic definition of both nature and nurture.   The world in which both believer and unbeliever live is supernatural not natural (at least in the naturalist sense).   Actually, the root word for nature is “natura” which means to be born and does not imply pre-existence in any sense.  This skews the result of any study in the direction of either materialistic determinism or psychological mental determinism.  This also cause the theologian to feel he is force to see a conflict between the legitimate limited free will of man and the sovereignty of God.

Since man is a divine product that lives in a divinely created world, he can only be understood by recognizing that both his environment (nurture)  and his nature (Imago Dei) have a divine source.

Both nature and nurture can only be understood in the light of God’s authorship of man and the created world – “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Psalm 24:1

All mankind has his origin and source in one man Adam.    Because of the fall of Adam, all men inherit the consequence of this fallen condition physically, morally, intellectually and spiritually.   “Because all sinned (aorist in Greek – past point of action) and (with the result) are currently falling short of the glory of God….” Romans 3:23

There is no factual data to support macro-evolution.   Macro-evolution is strictly based on blind faith.   In fact even the word evolution implies a beginning for the word “evolve” means an outworking or unwinding of an in-wound process.    Micro-evolution is completely consistent with the Holy Scriptures for we indeed believe that there have been variations within the “KIND”.   There are hundreds of variations – micro-evolution – of dogs and cats.   The Holy Scriptures do not use the term “species”.  The Holy Scriptures use the term after their “KIND”.   The biblical use of the term KIND implies distinct kinds which have genetic barriers over which they cannot naturally cross.    At the very edge of a KIND an animal or plant will become sterile and unable to reproduce.    This is the case of the mule.   You will never see baby mules from mules because they are genetically sterile.   The mule is the result of the inter-breeding of a horse and a donkey.   Other examples could be given.     The monkey has a common design as a man but is not a man.   The common design does not prove that man came from monkeys.    It only proves that the monkey and the man had a common DESIGNER who used parts of his design for more than one creation.  Just because many automobiles look alike and have the same structures and functions does not mean that one evolved into another. 

According to F. R. Tenant, the term evolution does not properly define what evolutionists claim.    He states that the term they should be using is “epigenesis” which means adding additional parts and appendages.     “Epigenesis” means to “create upon” or “to add to”.

Micro-evolution is simply the unwinding of an inwound process. All of the genetic possibilities existed in the original KIND.

Considerable numbers of false conclusions are drawn from accurate data which is misinterpreted in the light of organic macro-evolution.   The oil industry misspends million and billions of dollars looking for oil pockets based on evolutionary geology.

Sociology and psychology formulate all types of false behavioral conclusions regarding human behavior based on the organic evolution model.

Remember what you believe about man determines how you treat, evaluate, and help him.

The Holy Scriptures were give to us as a guide on how to treat our fellow man.

There is an excellent book entitled, Democracy or Babel? The Case for Official English in the United States by Fernando de la Pena.   The premise of the book is that the United States is losing its unifying factor, the English Language.   Fernando de la Pena is of Hispanic origin but puts forth an excellent and logically convincing argument for English as the official language.   The forward was written by the famous Alistair Cooke.   The introduction is written by the famous S. I. Hayakawa

Rev. Thomas L. Clark – Phil.3:14



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