An Explanation: Why Salvation?

Dear Fellow Travelers, 

We just wanted to let you know why the first two articles on our Blog site are about Salvation: 1)What Must I do the be Saved? And 2)  All of Grace (this is now posted under Salvation.

1.  Well first of all we do not know whether you are a Christian, a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ or not. 

2.   To miss being a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ is the greatest tragedy you could have in your life.  You would miss eternal life and a great life here in this great life.

3.   Many people have the false belief that they will miss out on a great life which they can  have living without God.  Unfortunately, many believe that God is the great killjoy in the sky.   John Milton in Paradise Lost put it well when he characterized Adam after his sin and fall in the Garden of Eden.  Prior to the sin and fall of Adam, Adam perceived God as his friend and helper.   After the fall, Adam called God the great forbidder!  He perceived God as the one who limited his joy, pleasure, and happiness.   This perception was absolutely false.  But from that day to this, the descendents of Adam have the same perception.  The original sin was unbelief.   Adam and Eve believed Satan’s lie, that God was not truly good and only wanted to limit and spoil their lives.

4.  A designer knows how the product was designed to work and function, likewise God as our Creator and Designer knows how we best function.  In fact, HE has written a Designer’s instruction manual telling us the best way we can and should function, The Bible!

5. We want you to have the best of the life that God has given you.  Also, you will not continue to the next life without Jesus.   By His death and payment for sin He has provided strength for this life and eternal life now and into all eternity for free.

6. Also, even though you may be a Christian, you need assistance in your Christian life.   Becoming a Christian is simple!  You just have to  trust in what Jesus Christ provided for you by His death and payment for your sins on the Cross.  But after that there is more.  There is much to be accomplished in  living a faithful and fruitful Christian life.   Actually, there is a great deal that needs to be known about living a faithful dedicated Christian life.  Many Christians unfortunately fail to develop and grow in their Christian lives.

May God bless your life today and forever!



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