Blog Friends

Dear Blog Friends,

I will be posting some of Gary North articles.  Even though I do not agree with Gary North’s  escatology (Post-millennial), I consider him an excellent Bible scholar and economic teacher.  You will find his writing well worth reading.  I may comment of some of them from time to time.  There are many devotees of Gary North and I suppose that there are many who dislike him for his views.  These articles will be listed under 01 Gary North articles.

I have already posted one of his article as a page entitled Envy and  Poverty .

The proof of the pudding is in the eating so just taste a little of his articles. 

Also, I plan to place some of the articles in the pages from this blog site in the main post position so that you can become familiar with them.  The main post position may be read more often than any other.  By rotating some of the articles it may be easier to expose you to them.  Also note that many of the articles are contained in .pdf files that you can download.  The .pdf is generally place right next to the title of the article.  You may find some of the articles valuable enough that you may value them for future reference.

Rev. Thomas L. Clark – Phil. 3:14 


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