Dinos in the Amazon?

Dinosaurs in the Amazon?   Are there still alive Dinosaurs alive today?Recent Dinosaurs in the Amazon News Report  Check out the below video-audio.

I am of the opinion that there are certain Dinosaurs living today in some parts of the world.  Several years ago I had a audio/video of a well known scientist that stated that there were Dinosaurs living in certain parts of the World.    I never followed up on this matter.  However, the existence of Dinosaurs is valuable to the Creationist because it refutes the idea of the Dinosaurs extinction many millions of years ago.  However, I doubt that any of this will convince the mind of an atheist or evolutionist.    Both live by an irrational faith in what they consider science.  They generally do not want to believe in a God to whom they would be accountable.  Below is the link to the website from which the video-audio came.


There is more information about this subject there.

Rev. Thomas Clark – Phil. 3:14


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