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The Real Story of King James – Phil Stringer

King James Only Debate

Uploaded on Nov 7, 2011

James White debates Jack Moorman on whether the KJV is superior to modern translations due to the manuscripts used. As I said in the title, this debate was very informative and actually persuaded me to change my mind on the subject. I won’t reveal my personal opinion so that you the viewer can decide for yourself based on the evidence that is presented. Glad to see a friendly, well presented debate on the subject to help educate God’s people on such issues.

I believe that the Greek Text behind the King James version is the best text.   The Revision of Westcott-Hort was faulty and based on only two corrupt Alexandrian manuscript.

I also believe that the KJV is the best to memorize.  If you would like to read a critique of the New King James Bible and if you would like a copy of the KJV Bible with all the archaic language updated check out the information from:

Chris Sherburne

kj07 3-30-09.pdf  The KJV Bible updated KJ07-1611

ENOUGH$21$21.pdf  a critique of the NKJV & other modern versions

© 2004 Chris Sherburne

Third printing, January 2012

(928) 927-5217



Rev. Thomas L. Clark


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