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A Bible Resource Man! 

Just a little about me.    I grew up in a rural and small town area in northern Missouri. My conversion to Jesus Christ was at the age of 19 years old.   One year later I went to Bible College.  During this time I took a small load of courses so that I would have time to work and time to properly study,  My course work was in biblical studies and English Literature.  

My course work was designed to maximize my knowledge of Scripture and biblical background.  I completed college with double majors: one in biblical studies and one in English Literature.   While I was finishing a Greek course requirement, I was allowed to enroll in Seminary of that school. 

During this time I took several Seminary courses at that school.  I made nothing but A’s in biblical studies in my undergraduate work.  But I do not remember what my grades were at Trinity Evangelical Seminary which I later attended in the Chicago area but do remember that they were good.   When I came to the Chicago area, I took some day/evening courses at Moody Bible Institute which had full-day time credit in the evenings.  These courses were in areas of study that I did not have in my undergraduate  work, such as Homiletics, Sunday School Superintendent, Song Leading, etc.    I took 12 hrs of Social Work studies at Jane Addams Graduate School in social work, but did not have a desire to complete a degree in that area of study.  Later I took course work at Trinity Seminary with the goal of picking up valuable courses, but not finishing a Master of Divinity degree. I attempted to design my studies so that I would be a well-rounded and knowledgeable person.

My only lack in biblical tools is that I do not know Hebrew.  However, I do have access to some excellent tools for Hebrew as well as Greek.

During my time in the Chicago area I worked for the State of Illinois.  I worked in various areas and various job titles.   After 32 years with the State of Illinois I was offered a 5 year buy out which would officially give me a 37 year retirement plan.   This was an offer that I could not pass up.  So I retired and have been retired for many years now.

For about 4 years I Pastored a Baptist church in the Humboldt Park area.  This was a difficult ministry because the church was in decline mainly because the area had become  predominately Hispanic and African-American.  We sold our building to a great Spanish Baptist church and all remaining member went to churches in there own areas.  Many had been driving into the Chicago area for years already.

During all my Christian life I have been committed to biblical study and Christian service.  When I retired I had even more time to study Scriptures and related subjects and serve the LORD in various ways.  This current blog is just a continuation of my long term goal to serve the LORD.  My desire is to assist others in developing a well-rounded full Judaeo-Christian Worldview and Lifestyle.

If you would like to profit from my long term biblical study and service, please feel free to contact me at my email address: TLC2451@GMAIL.COM    I consider myself as very knowledgeable in the area of Christian service and biblical study. 

We also have a blog site named Judaeo-Christian Ministries which contains additional information.


If you email me put something in the subject line so I will know that it is not just spam!

My desire is to be “… made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.”  1 Cor 9:22 (KJV)”



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