02 Ways To Use Gospel Tracts…

 Below are a number of lists of uses of Gospel Tracts.

Ways To Use Gospel Tracts…

As Christians, we know that we are to be witnesses, but not knowing where or how can be a hindrance.  Gospel tracts do not take the place of your personal testimony of how God saved you, but they can allow you to witness to people that you meet only briefly, build your confidence in witnessing to others, and can enable you to witness to people that you may not be able to even speak to (in other languages).

There are easy ways to hand out tracts for the first time, as well as for the witness who has done this for years.  

  • When eating out in a restaurant, leave a tract with a decent tip on the table. Even when the service isn’t outstanding, leave a tip just to have the opportunity to leave a tract.
  • When going through a drive-thru restaurant, dry cleaners, bank, etc. offer a tract.
  • Anytime you speak to a cashier at a store or restaurant offer them a tract, “Could I leave you something to read when you have time?”.
  • Enclose a tract with every bill that you mail, but be sure to pay the bill on time when enclosing a tract !
  • Turn that irritating “junk mail” into a means of witnessing by sending a tract in the postage paid reply envelopes.
  • Purchase a simple plastic brochure holder at any office supply store to keep by your door to give anyone who calls door-to-door, and as a reminder to you to take tracts with you when you leave home.

Always be courteous, even if they refuse the tract.  Leave the door open for yourself or  someone else to witness to them later. 

Pastors can help their people witness in various ways.

Pastors also face the challenge of getting their members to use tracts and to be witnesses for the Lord.

·        Keep a good supply and variety of tracts before the church. The Fellowship Tract League has 59 different tracts available in English (King James only) including children’s tracts, a tract for follow-up after salvation; and others dealing with alcoholism, cults, for witnessing to Jews, and many other clear salvation tracts.  We also have tracts available in 52 other languages.  

·        Tract racks should be located at or near main entrances to the church. We have tract racks available for churches to order. These are not sold by the Fellowship Tract League. We will order them for churches at our cost.  Please call our office for sizes and cost.

·         Use creative ideas like a “7 in 7 Challenge”.  Have bundles of seven different tracts in rubber bands, and weekly challenge every member to take a bundle of “seven tracts” and hand them out over the next “seven days”. 

·        Representatives from the Fellowship Tract League often take  “M-Bags” of tracts to their meetings.  These are tracts ordered by someone overseas (missionaries, national pastors, laymen). The orders have been filled and the postage is needed to mail them  (usually $20 for about 5,000 tracts).

·         Many times the involvement in personally sending tracts to someone overseas, challenges the individual in their own witnessing at home.

I found the below statement in the Grace & Truth Publication list:

When you give out a tract…

Don’t forget that God is glorified by every tract you give out. It remains a fact, whether the offer is received or rejected, that God in His sovereign grace has extended full and eternal salva­tion by means of that tract to the receiver. He/she can never say he/she was not told of God’s loving offer!

The Lord is… not willing that any should persish.” 2 Peter 3:9

Jerry Falwell used for his Saturation Evangelism, ―”Using every available means, at every available time, to reach every available person.”

A NEW way to share Gospel Tracts

Send a tract with your bill payments.
Include one with each of your Christmas Cards.
Put one in the envelope when you are making an ATM deposit.
Leave them in phone books at motel rooms where you stay.
Include them with tips at resturants.
When you have a garage sale, stuff a tract in the customers sack.

While Shopping:
Hand a tract to cashiers
Leave tracts on shelves in stores
Put tracts in the dressing rooms, or in the pockets of clothes
Give tracts to the people on elevators
Put tracts under the windshield wipers on cars in the parking lot

Give Tracts to People:
Taxi Drivers
Gas Station Attendants
Fast Food Employees
Insurance Agents

Leave them:
At Gas Stations
In Restrooms
At Rest Areas
In Restaurants
On ATM Machines
At Pay Phones
On Soda or Vending Machines
On Dressers at motels (for the Maid)
In Airplane Seat Pockets
In Laundromats
At the library
In video cases when returning rented videos
On benches
On Newspaper Racks
In Waiting Areas
Inside Magazines

Just think – If you gave away only 3 tracts a day, that would be over 1,000 a year!

Don’t forget to PRAY over every tract you leave behind or give away!

At the library
• Place tracts in returning books
• Leave a tract on the desktops
• Leave a tract in the restroom

Renting a video
• Return the video with a tract inside

Amusment Parks
• Leave tracts in the restrooms
• Place tracts on the benchs
• Leave a tract on the rides

Here are additional usage ideas.
At Church
• Give everyone in your Sunday School class a tract and teach the lesson from it. Then send the tracts home for their parents to read.
• Hand out tracts along with the programs for your church plays.

At the bank
• Place a tract in the drive-through cylinder
• Leave a tract in the night drop box

Going bowling
• Leave a tract in the rented shoes
• Leave a tract at the lane
• Place tracts on the video games

• Leave tracts on the waiting room chairs and tables
 Place tracts inside the magazines

50 Ways to Use Gospel Tracts


The following are 50 responses to a Moments With The Book poll asking tract buyers how they have used tracts in the past. If you have any other ways that you have used tracts, feel free to send them to us. Maybe we’ll add them to the list.

You might not agree with all of the items below (we certainly wouldn’t use some of them), but hopefully they will give you some ideas of how you can use the “silent messengers” where you live.

No matter where or how you choose to distribute tracts, we have these suggestions:

1. Obey all local ordinances. (Some areas or stores, including the US Post Office, have prohibited the distribution of literature). This also includes littering, etc.

2. Leave at least two copies of a tract so someone will feel better about not taking the last one. Plus you’ll double the number of souls witnessed to!

3. Most importantly, ask God to use you, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit for each tract placed, and then pray for the Lord of harvest to bless it.

1. Leave in phone booths.

2. Put in greeting cards.

3. Leave at roadside rests.

4. Put on car windows in parking lots.

5. Leave on sitting areas of shopping malls.

6. Pass out door to door.

7. Pass out to fellow campers.

8. Tack up on bulletin boards.

9. Put in pockets of used clothing given away.

10. Leave in dressing rooms of clothing stores.

11. Pass out at parades, festivals, and special events.

12. Leave in city parks on benches, etc.

13. Put in helium-filled balloons.

14. Leave at funeral homes.

15. Leave in newspaper machines.

16. Hand out at stadium entrances, etc.

17. Put in sealed bottles in the ocean.

18. Mail out to names in a telephone book.

19. Leave in laundromats.

20. Give to attendants at parking garages, etc.

21. Leave in motel rooms (in the drawers, telephone book, etc.)

22. Leave in glove compartment of car you test drive.

23. Place in six-packs of beer, or in toilet tissue rolls in grocery stores.

24. Include in bills paid by mail.

25. Slip in pump handles at self-serve gas stations.

26. Hand to store employees, check-out clerks.

27. Leave in returned library books.

28. Put in magazines in waiting rooms.

29. Put up tract racks in stores, beauty parlors.

30. Put in correspondence to prisoners, etc.

31. Leave in bank where deposit slips are.

32. Leave in zip code book in post office.

33. Leave in restrooms at restaurants, etc.

34. Leave with (generous) tip in restaurants.

35. Give to hospital and nursing home patients.

36. Leave on tables at flea markets.

37. Hand out at zoos, picnic areas, beaches.

38. Leave on seats on bus, cab, airplane, etc.

39. Leave in locker at “Y” or health club.

40. Pass out on busy street corners.

41. Put in mouth of vending machines.

42. Pass out at schools after dismissal.

43. Leave in cafeteria at work, school.

44. Leave for newspaper boy, milkman, etc.

45. Put in each box or bag of merchandise sold.

46. Put in airport lounges, bus terminals, etc.

47. Send to relatives of deceased in obituaries.

48. Send to parents in birth announcements.

49. Give to students at Vacation Bible School and Sunday School.

50. Rent booths at fairs for tract displays.

Powerful Witnessing Ideas, Proven to be Effective!


There are countless ideas for tract uses and here are some of the most effective ideas. Response demanding tracts! Make them glad, sad or upset, but get a response!  Save many through loving compassion & others through fiery confrontation. Jude 22,23  Start sharing Jesus with others with Gospel tracts.  You can make a difference!  Let God use you to fill the earth with His glory!

                        Effective Ways to Use Gospel Tracts

The following suggestions will give you some ideas of how you can use the “silent messengers” in order to save many lost souls.

1. Obey all local ordinances as some areas or stores have prohibited the distribution of literature.

 2. Always ask God to use you, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit for each tract placed.

3. Pray for the Lord of harvest to bless it.

    Opportunities are only limited by your imagination!

1.Hand out to customers at local fast food restaurants.

2.Put on tables in post offices.

3.Pass out on busy downtown street corners.

4.Pass out at schools after dismissal.

5.Hand tracts to the passengers on the elevators.

6.Leave a tract next to the handrail on the escalator.

7.Pass out to people waiting in line at theater.

8.Pass out to customers waiting in line at restaurant.

9.Pass out to downtown pedestrians.

  1. Put in each box or bag of merchandise sold.
  2. Send to parents in birth announcements.
  3. Leave in phone booths.
  4. Leave on ATM machines.
  5. Leave in game rooms.
  6. Place under the car windshield wiper in parking lots.
  7. Pass out door to door.
  8. Give to Flight Attendants, Cab Drivers, Truck Drivers.
  9. Put in Plane seat pockets, inside magazines, restrooms.
  10. Leave on sitting areas of shopping malls.
  11. Pass out at parades, festivals, and special events.
  12. Leave in city parks on benches, etc.
  13. Leave on Dressers for the Maid at Motels
  14. Hand out at stadium entrances, etc.
  15. Leave in Laundromats.
  16. Leave at funeral homes.
  17. Give to attendants at parking garages, etc.
  18. Leave in motel rooms (in the drawers, telephone book, etc.)
  19. Give to waitresses with generous tips at restaurants
  20. Put in magazines in waiting rooms.
  21. Leave in beauty parlors.
  22. Hand out at zoos, picnic areas, beaches.
  23. Include in bills paid by mail.
  24. Hand to store employees, check-out clerks.
  25. Leave on waiting areas of hospitals.
  26. Leave in restrooms at restaurants, schools, airports, etc.
  27. Leave in bank where deposit slips are.
  28. Leave with generous tip in restaurants.
  29. Give to hospital and nursing home patients.
  30. Leave in returned library books.
  31. Leave on tables at flea markets, Swapmeets, etc.
  32. Leave on tables at health club.
  33. Put in airport lounges, bus terminals, etc.
  34. Mail to relatives of deceased in obituaries.
  35. Leave on seats on bus, cab, airplane, etc.
  36. Rent booths at county or local fairs.
  37. Put in helium-filled balloons.
  38. Put in pockets of used clothing given away.
  39. Leave in dressing rooms of clothing stores.
  40. Put in sealed bottles in the ocean.
  41. Hand out at sporting events.
  42. The endless possibilities as the Holy Spirit leads you.                  


Giving out tracts is something every born again Christian can and should do, young or old.

1.Remember that it is each believer’s responsibility to go and evangelize (see Mat. 28:19-20; Mk. 16:15; Lk. 24:45-48; Acts 1:8;             2 Cor. 5:17-21; Phil. 2:16; 2 Tim. 4:5).

2.Remember that by giving out the gospel you are offering the greatest gift in the world. When we share the gospel we are offering dead people life; we are offering poor people riches; we are offering sick people healing; we are offering lost people eternal salvation.

3.Study the tracts first yourself before giving them out to others. This way you will know exactly what it says and you can refer to it when you talk to people.

4.Make a faithful commitment to give out at least so many tracts each week, each month and each year. You will be amazed of the joy the Lord gives you in your heart each time you pass out a tract to a stranger with a prayer.

5.Always smile and be pleasant and polite. Remember that you are a complete stranger to the people you are approaching. Ask kindly, “May I share Good News with you by giving you this Free booklet?” or “I have some Good News for You” or “May I give you something that has been a blessing in my life?” If they are busy ask them to take it  and read later at home.

6.Keep in mind that the goal is not merely to give out tracts but to find opportunities to witness to people about the Lord Jesus Christ with the goal of leading them to salvation. Use the tracts to open the conversation, and when you find someone who is interested take the time to talk further with him and see if he or she is willing to meet again for further sharing of the Gospel.

7.Don’t ever get discouraged or upset if someone says something against Jesus and the Bible or they mock you and what you are doing. “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you” “Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their fathers treated the prophets” (1 Cor 1:18; Mat. 5:11-12; Luke 6:22-23).

8.Give Gospel tracts to those who look like they might be interested and to those who don’t. It may be the last and only opportunity to be saved for some people. We cannot look upon the hearts of men and we cannot know who God might be dealing with. Jesus said preach the gospel to every creature (Mk. 16:15). “All who were appointed for eternal life believed” (Acts 13:48)

9.One of the most important things about tract distribution is faithfulness,  persistency and prayer. Some may be thrown away but others may find them. We have met many people who first got interested in Christ by reading tracts that were given by their friends and street evangelists. This has happened many times. God wants faithful workers. Don’t get discouraged if nothing seems to be happening. We must do this work by faith, not by sight. Keep your eyes on the Lord and trust Him to accomplish His will and to give fruit and just continue to give out the gospel. “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously” (2 Cor. 9:6). “Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful” (1 Cor. 4:2).

  1. Remember that our real enemy in gospel tract distribution is not people but the devil. He is the god of this world who is blinding the minds of the unbelievers “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God” (2 Cor. 4:4). Thus we must have on the whole armor of God as we go about this important work “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes”(Eph. 6:11-12).
  2. Pray much before and after your tract distribution. Pray that God will open the spiritual eyes of the people so that they desire to know Him and that they will read and come to accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and the Lord. Praise the Lord for the mission! “Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel” (Eph 6:19).

Keys to Success In Tract Evangelism

1.   Success in witnessing is simply sharing Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.  There is no substitute for prayer.

2.   Always have tracts with you and be prepared to use them.

3.   Look for opportunities to use tracts.  Take advantage of every situation. Never let a chance go by.

4.   As in all things, be pleasant and polite in representing the Lord Jesus Christ.

5.   Do not become discouraged if your tract is refused, dropped on the sidewalk, or torn-up in your face.  Satan will do all he can to cause you to stop witnessing with God’s Simple Plan of Salvation.

6.   Distribute tracts plentifully and persistently.

7.   Be sure to answer mail and telephone responses from the tracts you distribute.  Follow-up is an essential part of evangelism.

The Printed Page

  • Is never tempted to compromise.
  • It is never discouraged.
  • It is never impatient.
  • It is never forced on anyone, for it speaks only when it is read.
  • It works by day and/or night.
  • It never becomes tired.
  • It can go where a visitor is not always welcome.
  • It can be read over and over.
  • It can be a source of comfort.
  • It can create an interest in the Gospel, and open doors of opportunity to lead an inquirer to know and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior. Author: The late Henry Einspruch, D.D.

Did you Know ?

1. If one thousand people would each distribute just fifty tracts each week, in one year over 2,400,000 tracts would be distributed.

2.  If one person would be saved for every one thousand tracts, 2,400 souls would be won to Christ in one year.

3.  Less than two minutes per day, per person, is required to distribute this many tracts.

Suggestions for Organizing and

Conducting a Church-wide

Tract Ministry 

1.  Elect a Director of Tract Evangelism to supervise the program.

2. Encourage workers to make a def­inite commitment to this ministry.

3. Conduct a training session for all workers on how to witness with tracts.

4. Conduct regular prayer sessions for the tract evangelism program.

5. Set aside funds in your budget to purchase tracts on a continuing basis.

6. Purchase tracts with the imprint of your church location, time of services, pastor’s name, and telephone number.

7. Develop a follow-up program to disciple new Christians reached for Christ through this ministry.

8. Acquire an attractive tract rack and place it in a heavy-traffic area. Keep it well stocked.

9. Have periodic meetings of workers to share results and experiences. Keep records of decisions made for Christ. 

Helpful Suggestions For Using Tracts

You Can Mail Tracts to:

1.   Newlyweds

2.   Those in jail

3.  The bereaved

4.  Those admitted to hospitals

5.  Shut-ins

6.  New parents

You Can Leave Tracts

1.    On trains, buses, planes

2.    In telephone books

3.    On store counters

4.    In public rest rooms

5.    With tips in restaurants

You Should

1.    Keep tracts in good condition.

2.    Be courteous when giving tracts.

3.    Know the message of your tract.

4.    Give appropriate tracts.

5.    Use tracts at every opportunity.

6.    Enclose tracts in all mail.

7.    Place tracts in tract racks in depots, YMCAs, etc.

8.    Pray for those to whom you give tracts.

What to Say:

May I share something with you?

The seven minutes it will take you to

read this message, could be the most

valuable time you will ever spend.

Lifegate, Inc.

“Helping Evangelize the World”

P.O. Box 5 Monrovia, IN  46157-0005



Ford Porter, D.D. – Author

1893 – 1976 Robert Ford Porter, Litt.D.

Chairman of the Board Robert Mark Porter, B.S.




2 thoughts on “02 Ways To Use Gospel Tracts…

  1. In handing out gospel tracts, I have learned never to ask a question like, “May I share something with you?” That just doesn’t seem interesting or compelling. Here is a much better one-liner to use when handing out a tract: “I have a little gift for you!” Simple and to the point. Rarely will anyone refuse a gift if it’s handed out to them with a smile.

    Also one that has proven to be 95% successful to a master tract-giver is this one: “Did you get one of these?” and hand it to them with only the edge showing, and not the face of the tract. Why? This question raises curiosity, and they can’t see what it is unless they take it. Secondly, it hints at the fact that they might be missing out on something, so they take it. Clever. Cute. Effective.

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