07 World’s Greatest Missionary


  1.       I will go anywhere in the world without complaint.
  2.       I speak hundreds of languages and dialects fluently.
  3.       I lead many lost people to salvation through Jesus Christ.
  4.       I require no salary so I don’t need to raise financial support.
  5.       Peer pressure cannot slow me down.
  6.       I need no days off or annual furlow.
  7.       I cannot be tempted to sin.
  8.       I never get sick.
  9.       100% of my effort goes to spreading the gospel.
  10.       I’ll never compromise the truth for the sake of popularity.
  11.       Young people love me and enjoy taking me with them to school.
  12.       I will wait patiently for hours, days, weeks, or longer for a chance to share         the gospel.
  13.       I don’t need a passport or visa.
  14.       I cross all legal and racial barriers.
  15.       Once I’m inside a country, I can’t be kicked out.
  16.       I will gladly go to countries where witnessing is illegal.
  17.       I love sharing the gospel in prisons because inmates love me.
  18.       Nobody can resist my method of sharing the gospel.
  19.       I can preach anywhere – on airplanes, buses, trains, street corners,                    wherever.
  20.       No matter how long I am ignored, eventually someone will allow me to give       them the gospel.


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