05 Two Biblical Concerns

My Two Biblical concerns

So far I have only posted my work, but as time goes on I will be posting other excellent works or giving your direction to other great works.  If you have questions about Scripture interpretation or other questions, please send them to me and I will answer them if possible.

I cannot answer all questions because some are beyond my knowledge and some are simply unanswerable.

Since I retired 10 years ago, I have had time to research some of my questions.   For years I suspended my judgment regarding certain theological and biblical matters because I had neither the resources nor the skills to come up with accurate answers.  Now that I have both the time and many more resources, I have resolved many of my own personal questions and have come to a conclusion as to which ones I may never to able to answer.

My two concerns have been: 1) Eternal Security, and 2) the understanding of End-Time prophecy.  In the process I have learned many other excellent things along the way.  I have been collecting articles, books, and important works by others.

One of the main reasons I set up this WordPress.com account was so that I could share some of the result of my research and study.  In my recent post, I listed approximately 10 works the teach that the book of Hebrews is teaching not about the loss of Salvation, but about the potential loss of rewards.  I will not chronicle my collection of these articles and information but will only say I have been collecting since my initial personal salvation in 1961.  Most of these works are too large to post on my WordPress.com site.  However, if your are interested let me know and I can possibly send you some my email or mail.

I believe that both of these questions are important.   Eternal security is important because in a time of great persecution one needs to know that he is truly security in the arms of God.  And secondly, I believe that believers will be greatly surprised by what will transpired during the end-times, especially Daniel’s Seventieth Week.   Many Christians call Daniel’s Seventieth Week, the Tribulation, but I prefer to call it Daniel’s Seventieth Week because that seems to better characterize this period of seven years.

Almost all evangelical Christians in my realm and sphere  hold to the Pre-Tribulation Rapture theory.  However, many now consider it a completed fact instead of a theory as John Walvoord called it in his book The Rapture Question.   While he defended his Pre-Tribulational view of the Rapture question, he was seriously less dogmatic about his viewpoint than many of his followers.   I find this disturbing because there is no clear statement in Scripture that the Rapture is Pre-Tribulational.  All honest scholars that hold to the Pre-Tribulational Rapture will tell you that there is not even one unequivocal Scripture passage that teaches Pre-Tribulational Rapture.  And yet many are placing there confidence in this teaching as though it were absolutely clearly taught in the Holy Scriptures.   From my research, it appears to have begun to be taught by John Nelson Darby about 1830 A.D.  I went back and studied all the early Church fathers and none taught a Pre-Tribulational Rapture.   Does that mean it is not true.  No,  but since the Apostle John about 100 A.D., the last Apostle, had a disciple called Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna that if he knew anything about a Pre-Tribulational Rapture he would have taught Polycarp.  The Apostle John wrote that last book of the Bible, Revelation, which has as it major theme prophecy of end-times.  Surely if there were a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, he would have taught Polycarp.  However, we have practically no remaining works of Polycarp except the Letter to the Philippians.  But Polycarp had a famous disciple named Irenaeus.   Irenaeus wrote elaborately regarding the End-times.   However, he mentioned nothing about a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.   He actually portrayed Christians in the midst of the Tribulation as being persecuted by the Anti-Christ.  Irenaeus had a disciple and follower named Hippolytus who wrote at least two major works which contained his view on End-time events.   Hippolytus was the first one to produce a commentary on the book of Daniel.  He also wrote a work entitled Christ and Anti-Christ in which he presented a detailed view end-times.   Both Irenaeus and Hippolytus clearly held to what would be called Classic Premillennialism, but neither taught anything about a Pre-Tribulational Rapture.  There were many Church father that taught Classic Premilliennialism, but none taught a Pre-Tribulational Rapture.  Wouldn’t you think that if the Apostle John knew about all the End-time matters, he would truly have known about a Pre-Tribulational Rapture.  But there is absolutely no indication that he knew or taught a Pre-Tribulational Rapture to his disciples.   This indeed leaves a great question in my mind, Why not?   Maybe there is no Pre-Tribulational Rapture.  Then this teaching of a Pre-Tribulational Rapture appears in 1830 A. D. with John Nelson Darby and possibly the Pentacostal preacher Rev. Edward Irving.

There are currently four views of the Rapture: 1) Pre-Trib, 2) Mid-Trib, 3) Post-Trib, and now, 4) Pre-Wrath.  Of these Pre-Wrath is the most recent view.   It must be mentioned that all four views are actually “prewrath” because all four views do not believe that God will put his children through His Wrath.  The difference between all four is the timing of the Beginning of God’s wrath.  If you are interested in reading about the Prewrath view, I have some excellent material which presents this view very clearly.



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