02 Overview of End-Times

Below is a link to Dr. Elbert Charpe’s presentation of the Prewrath view.  He also presents the three other interpretations.   Dr. Elbert Charpie presents a logical and biblical presentation with excellent graphic insets.  You are encouraged to read  regardless of your view of the Rapture.   He presents all four interpretations. Click on the below link to read Dr. Elbert Charpie’s presentation:

Prewrath – Charpie

If you are interested in this recent fourth interpretation (1990) of the Rapture question, contact us.

Why do we need to know more closely about the Rapture Question?   If the Rapture is not  Pre-tribulational we will need to know and prepare for what the Bible declares in coming.  The Pre-tribulational interpretation was not taught until aproximately 1830.   We researched all of Church history and no one until approximately 1830 taught a Pre-tribulational Rapture.   The Early Church fathers taught no such thing.    In fact they just taught classic Pre-millennialism.  If they understood Pre-millennialism why would they not also have understood and taught  Pre-tribulationalism.   To be forewarned is to be Prepared!  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!